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So we are rapidly approaching the end of our recruitment for September 2021 - there are a few places still available - Maths, Drama, English & Sciences only!


If you are ready to apply please click here for an Application Form and email completed application to 















Secure your place via UCAS here




Secure your place via DfE Apply here







Tips for your Teacher Training Application


We are still working from home at the moment, although about to be on our Summer break (yippee!) so please email Cathy (Secondary) or Caroline/Jacki (Primary) or rather than picking up the phone! The office will be closed between 23rd July 2021 and 2nd September 2021 - emails will be picked up intermittently. 


RECRUITMENT for Sept 2021 - Any enquiries please email Cathy - Applications can be made either via UCAS or the Government's 'Apply' website - very few places still available - only Maths, Drama, English & Sciences.

See what our trainees - past and present - have to say about us.....



Welcome to The Bedfordshire Schools' Training Partnership 

“We are a long established, thriving, school based, teacher training provider working on behalf of local schools. We specialise in offering school centred initial teacher training for both Secondary and Primary trainee teachers”

Why train with us? What's in it for you?? Let us help guide you through your journey into Teaching - from that first conversation through to employment - we are here to help :)

High quality school based training alongside qualified teachers; Excellent employment prospects and a rewarding career; we employ the vast majority of our trainees in our Partnership schools across Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire - some have secured jobs within weeks of starting at their placement schools!! A solid framework of support - always someone to talk to; Placement in a school tailored to meet your needs - your situation will always be taken into account.


What's in it for us?? In selecting you and training you, we get to choose and successfully train the best teachers for our schools - we are extremely proud to be able to have a positive impact on children's education across Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire.

" Managers take full account of local needs in their development plans and this contributes to trainees' high employment rates. The partnership makes a significant contribution to the supply of teachers in the local area, including schools that sometimes find it difficult to recruit and schools in challenging circumstances."

"It is the good communication between placement schools, and between the partnership and the employing school, that ensures training over time is effective and never loses momentum."

"Employment rates are consistently high for all groups of trainees."

OFSTED - November 2014