Bedfordshire Schools Training Partnership

Primary Testimonials

We are always proud to receive positive feedback - here's what this year's Trainees (2019-20) have to say about why they chose Bedfordshire Schools' Training Partnership... Induction - Summer 2019

'Thanks again for today. I have a good overview now of what the course entails and I know all the work ahead will be worth it. Plus, it was great to meet everyone. I do feel fortunate to begin a new and very exciting career. Happy, happy, happy.'

'strongly recommended and local to my area. Since the first contact with Beds SCITT I have only ever had a positive, supportive and efficient experience'

'This provider was recommended to me by past students'

'Numerous family friends who know of the course/team, say it's the best one around'

'I looked at the Beds SCITT website. I loved the sincerity of the content, especially on the 'Meet The Team' page'

'I've read so many fantastic reviews online'

'This course is taught by currently practising teachers with up to date knowledge and experience in schools. I liked the ethos and support provided'

'Good reviews from people who have completed this SCITT route'

'I was particularly attracted to the course because of the reputation it has for high quality training'

'My school recommended Beds SCITT to me'

'The structure of the course and the friendliness of the staff at the Open Evening made the course seem a lot more suited to me than others I had considered'

'I found the interview so fulfilling and exciting. I felt the support is another influential factor as to why I have chosen this partnership over others and how warm and pleasant they were towards me'

'I like the fact this route is placement focused'

Everton Heath Primary School - It has, as always, been a pleasure to work with the SCITT Team - I look forward to working with you in the future.' June 2019

Here are some of the things our past Trainees have said about us - we are extremely proud that schools who work with us state that they are 'always receptive to employing SCITT teaching staff' - October 2017

'I had the pleasure of being trained by Beds SCITT as a non-salaried trainee last year (2016-17). Whilst on the course I felt supported from the word Go, everyone was there if you needed them at all times. Teaching is one of the toughest jobs out there and without the thorough, well-thought out advice of this partnership I would most certainly not be anywhere near as ready for it as I am today. If you are looking for a course that has high quality training and prepares you for the great job that is teaching, I highly recommend this one!'                                  

'....Mentors are helpful, supportive and knowledgeable in supporting us develop our practice..'

'DPP (Developing Professional Practice) sessions provide a platform for further reflective time and sharing of ideas/challenges...'

'The Office is supportive in answering questions and resolving concerns in a very timely manner..'

'Having a teacher on the team helped with issues of a teaching and learning nature.'

'Could not fault the SCITT Team - Brilliant! SCITT support is a strength of the programme. I have recommended Beds SCITT to friends and family...'

'SCITT Trainees/NQTs (Newly Qualified Teachers) and the programme are valued in schools.'

'SCITT provides breadth of training in preparation for the NQT induction period.'